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ACS Organic Division
The Division of Organic Chemistry of the American Chemical Society. Provides important information and announcements on the divisions activitities and member benefits.
Directory of suppliers of organic compounds, compound libraries, custom synthesis and natural products for screening.
CAChe Group
Provides software to view and predict 3D molecular structure and properties and to analyze the relationship between structure and properties or structure and reactivity. CAChe is a tool for medicinal, polymer, process and synthetic chemists.
ChemExper Chemical Directory
A site that allows anyone to search (free of any charge) for a chemical and find a supplier. It's also possible to add new products (entire catalogs for suppliers).
CombiChem Lab
Reviews, links and news in combinatorial chemistry, high and ultra-high throughput screening, and lab automation.
Ecdybase (The Ecdysone Handbook)
A free online ecdysteroids database. Includes ecdysteroid containing products catalogue.
Expereact : Electronic Laboratory Notebook
Laboratory management program that includes functions for stock keeping, a laboratory notebook, and search tools for products or reactions records. User guide, screen shots, and demo available.
Features full articles, notes, important facts, and organic chemistry news.
Journal of Heterocyclic Chemistry
Search for any structure, title or author. Complete journal is available online. Download any article for a fee.
Materia Inc.
Provides technology in the fields of metathesis catalysis, organocatalysis, process design and improvement through direct sales, licensing and research collaborations.
Miller, Jonathan
Features experimental details and information about anticancer and anthracycline research.
A site dedicated to helping students with organic chemistry by providing quick reference topics.
Organic Chemistry
Searchable literature index and interesting procedures in organic synthesis
Organic Chemistry Resources Worldwide
annotated collection of sites for the professional organic chemist.
Discussion list of nearly 500 organic chemists worldwide. Join this community or search their previous discussions by author, subject, date, or thread.
Portal of porphyrins and related molecules.
Synthetic Organic Chemical Manufacturers Association (SOCMA)
promoting safer and environmentally responsible operations for batch, custom, and specialty chemical companies since 1921.
SYSTAG provides products and services for measuring, control and automation in the chemical development laboratory.
Computational organic chemistry software for retrosynthesis and synthesis development.

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