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Australasian Cave and Karst Management Association
Association of cave and karst managers from Australia, New Zealand, and other Asia/Pacific coutries. Site provides information on individual caves, cave research in the region, and the organization's biennial conferences.
Beach Erosion
Research, information, and some solutions to this problem.
Berkeley Geochronology Center
Non-profit scientific research institution dedicated to establishing the history of the Earth, its various inhabitants, and its interactions with the rest of our Solar System, throughout the 4.6 billion years of our Planet's existence.
British Cave Research Association
Promotes the study of caves and associated phenomena. Information about the organization and its activities; with online contents of several publications.
British Geomorphological Research Group
Professional organization for geomorphologists in the British Isles. Event calendar, BGRG information, geomorphology education and research links.
Cave Research Foundation
Dedicated to documenting, studying and protecting caves and karst resources, USA.
Center for Cave and Karst Studies
Western Kentucky University research on all aspects of cave and karst studies with an emphasis upon solving environmental problems associated with karst in the Mammoth Cave region.
Coastal Operations Institute
Information on this institute which aimes to provide a mechanism whereby investments in coastal science, engineering and technology can be leveraged to meet national, regional and local needs.
Impact Structures
Geology, geophysics, and petrology of impact structures (meteorite impact craters) with special focus on the Azuara and Rubielos de la C?rida impact structures (Spain)
International Association of Geomorphologists
Scientific, non-governmental and non-profit organisation whose principal objectives are development and promotion of geomorphology as a science through international co-operation and dissemination of knowledge of geomorphology.
Jamaican Caves and Sinkholes
GPS positions of Jamaican caves and sinkholes.
Karst Pages
Site aiming to facilitate publishing and debating of data based research papers. Table of contents organised by subject, galleries, exploration history and blind cavers program.
Lonar Crater
A 2km diameter impact crater in India. Background information, tourism, scientific literature, student guide.
Meteor Crater
Official site for the visitors center at the Barringer meteor crater. Short history, animations, visitor information.
National Speleological Society
Advancing the study, conservation, exploration, and knowledge of caves. Although primary focus is on recreation, site has extensive information and links about caves and karst.
Electronic journal of research on the origin and development of solution caves and other aspects of the evolution of karst topography and hydrology. Includes original papers and abstracts of items published in other journals.
TEMPEST Wave Defense System
Firm designing and manufacturing custom breakwaters that prevent beach erosion and coastal damage.
Terra-T is a ground surfacing and erosion control device designed to provide a stable load bearing surface.
West Virginia Cave Conservancy
Dedicated to conservation and preservation of karst resources. Includes information about the state's caves, conservation techniques, educational programs, and links.
Beach erosion control devices.

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